A course for junior and senior engineers


  • Student discount card to use at thousands of shops and online
  • Student Autodesk software, AutoCAD, Revit, and more
  • Nationally and internationally recognised qualifications for learners working as an assistant or junior engineers


To achieve full competency and confidence to work on your own independently on site we urge learners to enrol in our beginner to the enhanced course which offers up to 2 months of extra training. Learners of this course must successfully pass the practical assessment and submit answers to knowledge questions of the award to qualify for qualification. Alternatively, you may work for a period of time as an assistant or junior engineer and return for further assessments.


You can always upgrade your course to beginners and enhanced course and just pay the difference in fees.


Duration: Classes for this course are offered on Saturdays and Sundays for two months at weekends, alternatively join us for 9 consecutive days from the first Saturday to the following Sunday and return the following month at weekends to complete your course.


Course fee: £3355


Upon receipt of your award, you can apply for a CSCS gold engineer surveyor card. 

Beginners to advanced combined

  • This course is aimed at junior and senior engineers or surveyors who need a comprehensive training in the use of Total stations, GNSS, RC and Steel frame construction methods and reading drawings with introduction to robotic Total stations.

  • Beginner & intermediate level, topics, Saturdays 9.00 am to 3.00 pm, with free tutorial sessions from 3.00-6.00 pm 


    • Session 1-Health & Safety and Mathematics of surveying
      • H & S on site, risk assessments, Basic maths


    • Session 2-Levelling, theory and basic practice
      • Introduction to levelling, paper exercises


    • Session 3-Total station familiarisation, Distance & angle measurements 
      • Basic study of instrument settings, survey programs and menu


    • Session 4-Reading and understanding drawings
      • Introduction to creating local control


     Advanced level topics, Sundays 10.00 am to 4.00 pm


    • Session 5-Total stations
      • Detailed study of Total stations capability and checking for calibration, Resection, setting out methods


    • Session 6- GNSS, Surveying & traversing
      • Introduction to GNSS and traversing theory


    • Session 7-Setting out, fundamentals and methods
      • Setting out methods, errors and accuracy


    • Session 8-Setting out practice by Robotics Total stations
      • Practical setting out tasks

    Please note that timetable and lessons plans are constantly updated and may differ slightly from listed above