Level 3 Diploma in Engineering Surveying for existing engineers/surveyors
£829 PLUS VAT (£995)

One weekend of training and assessment of competency in using a variety of surveying instruments


This two day course is for experienced engineers and surveyors only who do not need Total station instrument training. 


We offer candidates one day of college-based training on the use of GPS, levelling equipment and help with knowledge questions of the qualification.


Your tutor will continue providing you with support throughout your studies by email or telephone contact

Your day at the college will include;

Assessment on the use of Total station for the following topics;

  • Surveying and data transfer to USB 

  • Data transfer to instrument for setting out

  • Conducting a resection and explaining results

  • Setting out point, offset and arc from drawings

  • Applying atmospheric corrections to the Total station

  • Measuring rounds of angles on both faces

  • Establishing a traverse and calculating and adjusting for errors

  • Using levelling equipment including Automatic, rotating laser and digital level

  • Conducting levelling and reducing levels

  • Conducting a two peg test  and calculating instrument errors and commenting on solutions

  • Creating a local control for surveying and setting out

  • Using GNSS for locating their position (short training will be provided if necessary)

  • Calculating bearing and distances between two points

  • You have 4 -8 weeks to submit answers to a series of knowledge questions, we will provide you with video lessons to help you.


If you feel that you are not able to pass the above assessment criteria we can offer you the following options


  • Attend 4 Saturday afternoon training sessions from 9-6 pm, Total fee including diploma certificate £1750

  • Attend beginner to advanced level course to undergo a full training on all aspects of surveying and setting out and learning to use a variety of instruments competently., Total fee including certificate £2335

  • Attend beginner to enhanced course over 3 months, total fee £3354

At the end of the course you will achieve a level 3 Diploma in Engineering Surveying which will enable you to apply for gold CSCS engineer surveyor card.

For further information please contact Reza Nobakht on 07974 221155 or email us