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Hi, my name is Reza and I am the director and founder of Finchley College. I have personally trained over 1000 engineers and surveyors over the last 25 years. So, when you join us you will know that you are in good hands with extensive experience of training learners from a wide variety of backgrounds.


Finchley College is a leading provider of nationally recognised engineering surveying qualifications that are approved by CSCS for gold engineer surveyor cards. We could train you to become a competent engineer or surveyor within 4 months.

Setting out engineering and surveying is an exciting and rewarding profession that does not require a degree qualification.  We offer ProQual Level 3 Diploma in Engineering surveying which has the same content a those  taught in HNC, HND, and degree courses.

You could be earning from £150 to £350 per day within a year of completion of your course.

Finchley College is the only training provider that offers flexible training with times to suite your individual circumstances. You could join us at weekends as well as weekdays. Studying at weekends will enable you to train and continue with your day job without losing pay. You could miss some sessions and coming at another agreed time and date to recover any missed lessons, however, all training courses must be completed within 6 months. For learners enrolling on our beginner to enhanced plus course the course duration will be up to one year.

For complete beginners and those changing career into construction we advise studying all levels. A certificate and admin fees of £360 applies which can be paid at the end of the course.

Those without experience of using a Total station must study from the beginner to the advanced level to quality for a certificate.

  • Beginner and Intermediate levels: £1595 plus VAT (Please note that there is no certificate for these levels)

    • 4 Saturday and 4 Sunday morning sessions:  9.00 am to 2.00 pm​

    • A good starter course to learn principles of surveying 

    • Topics include, mathematics of surveying, principles of surveying, construction drawings, introduction to surveying equipment

    • Introduction to levelling using digital, automatic and laser levels, traversing and establishing site controls, Total station programs, setting out and surveying

  • Advanced level: £1995 plus VAT (Beginners to advanced levels combined: £2695 plus VAT)

    • GNSS, setting out and surveying by GNSS

    • Two man and Robotic total stations

    • Converting global and local coordinate systems

  • In this level you will carry out extensive setting out, detailed surveying, how to convert your own traverse to site controls, establishing controls for sites with no controls at all.

  • 4 Saturday and 4 Sunday all day sessions: 9.00 am-4.00 pm​

  • Enhanced level only: £1995 plus VAT (All levels from beginner to an enhanced: £3994 plus VAT)

    • Repeat advanced level, then continue attending college on Sundays from 2.00 to 5.00 pm for up to 3 more month for tutorials, one to one lessons

    • In this level you will learn Revit for BIM

    • AutoCAD, extensive use of AutoCAD for setting out by robotic total stations, Leica TS16 and GeoMax Robotic 

    • Further setting out techniques, RC and steel frame structures, external works, ground works and drainage

    • Complex site drawings

    • Introduction to Building Information Modelling

    • First aid at work

  • You will repeat advanced level one more month

  • Level 3 Diploma in Engineering Surveying for existing engineers and surveyors £1079 plus VAT

    • Two day course on the second weekend of any month, involves short training in traversing, using Digital levels and GNSS. This course does not include Total station training.​​

  •  Junior engineer and Graduate training program £1995 plus VAT

    • Junior engineers and recent graduates can join the advanced level held on 4 Saturday and 4 Sunday all day sessions: 9.00-4.00 pm                

  • Learners who join beginners to the enhanced levels can attend training sessions up to 3 months and further 3 month of Sunday afternoon Tutorial sessions.

  • We also offer a one year course which allows you to attend any weekend surveying training session for up to one year, including one to one lessons, site visits, be the first to know about job vacancies.

  • Please note that an admin and certification fee of £360 must be added to all course fees.

For more information please call Reza Nobakht on 07974 221155 or 

email us at or visit us at Lawford House, Albert Place, London, N3 1QA

Engineering Surveying Courses

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NVQ in Construction

The following courses are delivered in one to two days.

Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Occupational work supervision

Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Construction Contracting Operations Management

Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Construction Site Management

ProQual Level 3 Diploma in Engineering Surveying


I worked as a ground worker for a number of years, I decided to join Finchley College for the 4 weeks advanced setting out course. As soon as I had finished my course I managed to get a job as a senior engineer with a local contractor. I called Reza many times to get help with my work, he was always available and helpful. I am pleased that I am now working confidently as an engineer on good rates of pay.


Trustworthy college very experienced and helpful teachers who are always there if you need help. Correct relationship with their students. Summary: i AM absolutely happy with the college and highly recommend them to everyone. Special thanks to Reza Nobakht for great help.

I was working as a life insurance broker for many years, I joined Finchley College back in March 2017 and within two weeks I got an interview to work as an assistant surveyor. I called college and they encouraged me to go for it, I have been working as an assistant engineer on a Motorway project ever since. I a now using GPS, Total stations easily.